With ever increasing demands for fuel efficiency and power, modern combustion engines are now direct fuel injected. This means the tip of the injector lies in the combustion chamber for the fuel to be injected directly where it is required for minimum waste and maximum efficiency.

Unfortunately, the side effect of this is that the inlet valves no longer have the cleaning effect from the fuel being injected onto the back of the valve head on its way into the engine. Over time, the valves can become heavily laden with carbon deposits (also known as coke.) The carbon can become so thick that it can start to block the airways into the engine. This will cause a lack of power, increased fuel consumption and even pre-detonation of the fuel due to poor air and fuel mixing.

The inlet manifold is required to be removed to inspect the state of the inlet valves.

It is at this point the carbon deposits become apparent

One way to clean these valves is to remove and disassemble the cylinder head, clean the valves and rebuild. This is hugely expensive in both parts and labour.

A far more cost effective way is to blast the valve heads with crushed walnut shell under high pressure. Saving the need to remove the cylinder head.

Immediately restoring the engine to its former performance figures.

We’re able to offer this service on all affected petrol and diesel engines. Please get in touch if you want to regain the performance your car once offered.