With dealer level diagnostic and programming software, there is really very little that we are unable to resolve.

Modern BMWs and MINIs have a vast array of electrics which sets them apart from the crowd. Unfortunately, these comforts you grow to depend on can occasionally let you down. Getting to the root of these faults is where our skill, knowledge and experience are invaluable.

We can investigate any issue with your car. Be it a little electrical gremlin or if the worst should happen, a complete electrical meltdown!!!

Not only are we specialists in electronic fault finding, we can also diagnose any mechanical failures, be it minor suspension wear or major engine complaints or anything in between. Let us take care of resolving these issues for you.

Free Vehicle Health Check

Additionally, every car will receive a FREE comprehensive Vehicle Health Check. Here we inspect your BMW or MINI thoroughly for any issues that may need attention either right away or in the coming months. Any findings will be documented and given to you for your records.