The SMG2 in the E46 M3 is an amazing piece of engineering. A huge improvement on the original SMG found in the E36 M3. The SMG vs Manual debate will forever be a talking point in the E46 M3 community. Love it or hate it, it was the foundation for the modern paddle shift DCT boxes found in today’s cars.

At Munich Power we are very well equipped to deal with all things SMG related. Be it a faulty pump, actuator, gear position sensor or anything in between.

This particular car had a noise through the engine when running. It was quite clear the noise originated around the gearbox area. Upon removal, it was quite clear the release bearing had failed. The friction plate had also worn quite thin having covered 90000 miles


Although the clutch is the same in the SMG2 as it is in the manual box, considerations need to be taken to set the clutch bite point and adaptation values in the SMG2 control unit. Munich Power are well practised in this field. with all the relevant special tooling and software to replace this component using only OE parts.